RI MPA 230


To All Cities, Towns, Quasi-, and State of RI Agencies:
Master Price Agreement

For our Rhode Island government clients, it's now easier to engage our
telecommunications consulting services. Broad Reach has been selected as a qualified vendor on the State of Rhode Island Master Price Agreement for
Information Technology support services (MPA-230). 

MPA-230 members are authorized to provide technical support services to various State departments and agencies, including cities, towns, schools and most quasi-governmental agencies.

What is MPA-230?
How can Broad Reach help?
What Services are Offered?
How do I enlist Broad Reach's services?

What is MPA-230?

The MPA establishes our maximum hourly rate for each job classification and experience level, and provides the option of engaging us using hourly, hourly not-to-exceed, and fixed price rate structures.
In order to become a member of MPA-230, Broad Reach's consulting performance, experience and qualifications were evaluated. Our firm was selected based on our depth and breadth of knowledge, our experience with telephone and data technology, as well as our consultants' interpersonal skills and service track record.

To download the current award to Broad Reach:  Award# 7548873

How can Broad Reach help?

Broad Reach clients include a number of state entities, educational institutions and cities and towns. Broad Reach can evaluate your existing networks and design cost effective solutions to your telephone, voice and data needs.

We specialize in:

Voice, data, and video network design
High-level technology audits and recommendations
Voice systems
Voice over IP
Video Surveillance 
Access Control 
Business systems analysis
Wide area networking
Local area networking
Microcomputer support

If you have a need for technical consulting services in any of the areas listed above, contact us to find out more information about how we can help you. We also offer a number of other technology-related consulting services. If you are looking for services that are not on the above list, contact us and we'll let you know if we can help.

For more information on Broad Reach's consulting services please contact us


What Services are Offered?

Telecom and data audits and assessments
Evaluation and recommendation of emerging technologies
Large Network Design (Voice, Data, Video)
RFP Development
Project Management and Installation Support
Strategic planning
Vendor negotiations
Desktop Support
Video surveillance  
Access Control 
Homeland Security  
Distance Learning and electronic classrooms / training rooms 
Call Accounting System
Voice Activated Directory
CTI Applications
Call Center and ACD
PBX Programming
PBX station information database
Dial Plan design and programming
Management of application, system, and network infrastructure installation
Telephone system implementation
SIP and other directory functions
Voice messaging system/Voicemail
Voice over IP
Telephone troubleshooting
Reconfiguring voice and data equipment


How to enlist Broad Reach's services:

  1. Call us at (401) 885-4848. We will meet with you to discuss your project and get a clear definition of the scope of work.

  2. We will submit a quote. Services can be purchased hourly, hourly with a cap, or at a fixed cost project rate.

  3. Issue a Purchase Order via MPA-230. Consult the award table or call us at (401) 885-4848 to find the item number and role you will need to cite on the P.O.